5 tricks for email marketing in 2017

As we start the new year off with a bang, we realize that building email lists is becoming more and more important because of the value they provide to you and your business.  Shopping and customers are moving to online purchasing in droves, with the holiday season of 2016 being the largest online shopping event in history, and the trend is showing no signs of stopping.

Effectively gathering email addresses and sending effective emails should be your top priority as an Internet marketing guru.  If you aren’t quite a guru level yet, these tips for 2017 should help you get started on the right foot.

1. Send your emails from an actual person, not a generic company email account.

Personal relationships can help your business grow.  All email marketing tools, like MailChimp,  let you specify your “from” account, and this is a great opportunity to put your email address in so that people feel like they are receiving a personal email, not just from a generic company email address.  If you are worried about receiving too many emails, set up some filters in your email client to filter the responses from your email campaigns into another folder so you can pay extra close attention to them.

2.  Make it easy to share.

Sharing is caring, and you want people to share, so make it easy for them to share.  If you are using a service like MailChimp, they make it easy for people to share emails directly with their “Forward to a friend” link available in their campaign builder.  This article has more information about how to use it:  http://kb.mailchimp.com/campaigns/design/add-the-forward-to-a-friend-link

Another option is to include social sharing links right in the email themselves, which is a great way to let people share your content to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram.

3.  Coordinate social media with your email marketing campaign.

Just as a team working together is more likely to win, so it is when you coordinate your email marketing with social media.  When you send an email marketing campaign, actively promote the same campaign at the same time on all of your social media outlets.  In addition to your one time email, you can stagger and repeat your campaign on social media to multiply the effectiveness of your content.

4.  Collect emails from an audience fast and easy with SkaFlash.

When you find yourself with an audience, don’t waste the opportunity.  There are lots of ways to gather email addresses in person, but SkaFlash is the easiest and fastest way to gather email addresses in person.  If you are giving a speech at a conference, presenting a booth at a convention, or hosting a cocktail party, SkaFlash can gather hundreds of email addresses in seconds.  When you sign up for a SkaFlash account, you get a dedicated full phone number that you have people text in their email address to.  SkaFlash integrates with services like MailChimp so you don’t have to do any additional work to bring those contacts into your existing email lists.

5.  Set an email rule up to bring email responses to the top of your priority list.

As mentioned previously, you can set up a rule in your email client to filter responses to your email campaigns.  Taking it a step further and creating a priority list out of the responses can help you be a better email marketer when you prioritize these responses at the top of your to-do list.  Email marketing and social media are two-way communications, and your customers are wanting to talk back to you, and you should respond as quickly as someone who is physically at a store waiting to talk to a cashier.  A quick response makes the customer feel important, and feeling important makes them want to spend more money with you.

With these tips, I hope you turn 2017 into your best year for email marketing!



Click HERE to sign up for SkaFlash, completely free and no credit card required!  It is the easiest and fastest way to gather email addresses in person. Period!


-Geoffrey Simpson


And now the big announcement

We’ve kept this one quiet until today, but now that the contract is signed, we can now reveal that we have been selected as part of the Fall 2016 class of BetaBlox incubator.  What is BetaBlox?

BetaBlox is a business incubator that can increase an entrepreneur’s likelihood of success by more than twice the national average. We do this by awarding 10 entrepreneurs at a time with a package designed to accelerate a startup’s growth and increase its valuation. In exchange, we join the founding team by taking a small piece of equity instead of charging upfront cash. This mutually aligns our team with that of the founding team, and motivates us in a way that upfront cash never could.

With SkaFlash’s acceptance into BetaBlox, we will now be focused on bringing the best and most effective experience to our customers.  We love our customers, and we are looking forward to growing and bringing more customers on board.


The next iteration of SkaFlash

You might have noticed that something is different with SkaFlash.  If you have been here before, you definitely have noticed the new logo and new website.  If this is your first time, then I hope you like the way things look.

What’s not new?

  • The core SkaFlash team remains the same, with Geoffrey Simpson and Casey McPherson, the Co-Founders, still on board and still going strong.
  • The SkaFlash application remains the same, and it is still the easiest and fastest way to gather email addresses.
  • Our belief that SkaFlash is the best solution for collecting email addresses from an audience.

What’s new?

  • The logo and the website.
  • The target market.

What’s that?  The target market is changing?

Since it’s founding, SkaFlash has been targeted at musicians, and specifically, touring musicians who are actively trying to build their followers and grow their fan-base.  We have been successful in that market, and we have some very loyal customers and fans that love SkaFlash.  Our co-founder, Casey McPherson, heads up a band called Alpha Rev, and he is continuously growing his email list with SkaFlash.  SkaFlash has kept on getting bigger, and we continue to collect more and more email addresses.  Need proof?  Here is a screenshot of a graph the number of emails we have collected total since the start of SkaFlash in 2012.


2016 has been a great year for us, and the last few months have been fantastic.  The graph is more linear than we would like, which leads us to where we are today.

We are changing our target market to the general business segment.  We will be targeting those businesses and brands who are in front of people and want to collect their email addresses.  Yes, that does sound very similar to what we have been doing since day one, we are just going to make it more appealing to everyone, not just musicians.

skaflash_googleappslogosizeWith that change, we softened things up a bit.  I (Geoffrey) designed the original logo, and I designed the new one.  I really liked the old one, but it felt a little too harsh and bold to take it to a general business market.  The softened warm colors are more relaxing and appealing.


I’d love to hear your feedback, so let me know by emailing me at geoffrey@SkaFlash.com.